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2024, JAN. 11m, hand-drawing director SONG Yungsung  | 

Music composed and conducted by Normand Roger (originally for the film “A SUFI TALE” directed by Gayle Thomas) | Performed by Groups 7 Anne JalbertDaniel Doyon, Marcelle Guertin, Nicolas Desjardins, Pauline Vaillancourt)

featuring Higashiizumi Sayaka | supervisor Yamamura Koji | support Canadian Federation of Musicians, Fernando Galrito, Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec, MONSTRA Lisbon animation film festival, National Film Board of Canada

An animated poem sings of the joy of life. 


Mystery, dangerous, battles, anxiety and hope. The tiny little light comes to us from beyond the darkness. This is a miracle. This is a big message. We receive light and let ourselves shine. We are the human ourselves, we are the nature ourselves.

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