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2021, 05m30s, hand-drawing, director Song Yungsung

composer Sato Ayako, voice Akaihirume, support Associazione per gli Scambi Culturali fra Italia e Giappone(ASCIG), Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival, Yamada Hiromi, Yamamura Koji

To commemorate the 700th anniversary of Dante's death, the film reinterpreted the story of Dante and Beatrice's reunion, which followed from"La Vita Nuova" to the three parts of  "Divine Comedy" (hell, purgatory, and heaven).


where are young us now? where should we go?


“The situation” has been going on since 2020. Young we are free to choose anything. We can choose to die or even live and love. The new world is coming. Let's jump to the new world with self-love and love for others. This poem is a gift for ourself young and weak.

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