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2010, 04m15s​, hand-drawn animation,  director /composer SONG Yungsung,  producer OKAMOTO Mitsuko,  production GRADUATE SCHOOL OF FILM AND NEW MEDIA, TOKYO UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS



There is one white spot in silent, black space.

The spot give birth to a line. 

The line forms a blue circle. 

The circle move towards the front, drawing a line. 

The blue line meets other lines. 

They combine and make a bigger, newer one. 

This repeats again and again: 

New lines, new colours and new shapes 

Are born and grow, meet and combine.

Everything comes to be united and makes one entity. 

The movements settle down. The silence returns.

A white spot waits next.

I refuse to draw and describe something that I can see with my eyes. In fact, I can’t draw very well anymore. The only thing I can do is draw simple lines or basic shapes. I decide to return to ‘a point’ where everything begins. 


I simply draw a spot on a piece of paper. And I give it direction and time. So, the spot starts to move forward drawing a line, making a form. I don't try to draw any special shape, I just follow it. It multiplies; they make space and start to form their own world.


I choose the colour before I draw a spot. Without colour, no lines, no shapes can exist. When colours move, they naturally draw lines and shapes themselves. I decide to start with blue- the closest to black: dark, heavy, deep, quite and even imperfect in itself.


A blue circle is born from a white spot in black space. It grows and grows aiming for perfection but It can’t do anything alone. It meets and has relationships with others. They get more various, larger, stronger, faster and newer in balance. After they are united as one entity, it starts to settle down. Finally, everything sleeps in a white world and it returns to a tiny spot in silent, black space. (2014)

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